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Parallel Session: Advances in Alcohol-associated Liver Disease

Saturday, November 14
5:30 pm
7:00 pm


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About the Session

Watch this live session to see the top research in Alcohol-associated Liver Disease. Content will only be aired on this date, at this time. Don't miss it!

  • The Effect of Malnutrition on the Infectious Outcomes of Hospitalized Patients with Alcoholic Hepatitis
    Presenting Author David Lee
  • Increasing Alcohol Use and Alcohol-Associated Hepatitis Among Individuals 35 Years or Below:Analysis of 3 US Databases
    Presenting Author Ashwani Singal
  • Generation and Characterization of a Humanized Mouse Model of Alcohol Induced Steatosis, Inflammation, and Fibrosis
    Presenting Author Eleanna Kaffe
  • Chronic Plus Acute Binge Alcohol Induces Steatohepatitis and Fibrosis In Mice with Hepatic Deficiency of Tuberous Sclerosis 1
    Presenting Author Xiaojuan Chao
  • Stress Responsive Gene FKBP5 Mediates Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury Through HIPPO Pathway and CXCL1 Signaling
    Presenting Author Praveen Kusumanchi
  • RvD1-FPR2 Signaling Attenuates Alcohol-Associated Liver Injury via Supression of Hepatic STAT1 Activitiy and Pyroptosis
    Presenting Author Josiah Hardesty