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Meet-the-Experts Sessions

Sunday, November 15
8:00 am
9:00 am


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About the Session

Meet-the-Experts: Don't miss these opportunities to connect with subject matter experts on the hottest topic in hepatology.


  • MTE 25: Antifibrotic Agents: Current Status Moderator: Scott Friedman
  • MTE 26: COVID-19 and NAFLD and Alcohol-associated Liver Disease: Information for Patients and Their Families Moderator: Tamar Taddei
  • MTE 27: HCV Microelimination: Local and Regional Advocacy Moderator: Su Wang
  • MTE 28: Risk Stratification and Management of NAFLD Moderator: Mary Rinella
  • MTE 29: Update on UNOS National Review Board and Liver Allocation Moderator: Julie Heimbach
  • MTE 30: Genotype-phenotype Correlations in Fatty Liver Disease Moderator Frank Lammert