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Meet-the-Experts Sessions

Saturday, November 14
8:00 am
9:00 am


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About the Session

Meet-the-Experts: Don't miss these opportunities to connect with subject matter experts on the hottest topic in hepatology.


  • MTE 13: Renal Complications of Liver Disease Moderator: Pere Gines
  • MTE 14: Bile Acid Signaling Moderator: Olivier Barbier
  • MTE 15: Cholangiocarcinoma: Two Distinct Diseases (IH vs EH CCC) Moderator: Laura Kulik
  • MTE 16: HBV Immunology Moderator: Georg Lauer
  • MTE 17: Rational Approaches to HBV Cure Moderator: Marc Ghany
  • MTE 18: Hepatocyte-stellate Cell Communication in NASH Moderator: Ekihiro Seki