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Meet-the-Experts Sessions

Friday, November 13
3:30 pm
4:30 pm


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About the Session

Meet-the-Experts: Don't miss these opportunities to connect with subject matter experts on the hottest topic in hepatology.


  • MTE 7: Drug-induced, Herbal and Dietary Supplement-related Liver Injury Including CBD Moderator: Victor Navarro
  • MTE 8: Mechanisms Leading from Steatosis to Steatohepatitis Moderator: Bin Gao
  • MTE 9: Novel Therapeutic Targets for PSC Moderator: Gideon Hirschfield
  • MTE 10: Organoids to Model Liver Disease Moderator: Romina Fiorotto
  • MTE 11: Pulmonary Complications of Chronic Liver Disease Moderator: Michael Krowka
  • MTE 12: Transplantation of HCV Positive Organs: Science, Practice, Policy Moderator: Christine Durand